Nashville Area Homes For Sale That Beam The Beauty Of Black

Dated: 03/02/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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If you follow TJ Anderson Homes on Instagram, you get an almost-daily dose of my home-design obsessions, from cool tiles to under-stairs nooks that make me wish I could be a kid again.

Something I’m currently caught on: deep grays and blacks, when it comes to exterior paint colors. This isn’t a new appreciation, exactly, I’m just finding myself more and more drawn to a specific brand of it: dark exteriors paired with a pop of brightness, like the above shot from ISPYDIY.

There’s so much flexibility to this approach — your accent color could come from just about any corner of the spectrum, and those deep, dark tones elevate almost any kind of architecture, from new and modern to historic and classic.

This is inspiring the design of upcoming new construction homes in Nashville that we’re working on. And since I’ve been happily pinning and grinning of late, I thought some Nashville househunters might enjoy a little bit of inspiration on this front too.

Below, some homes for sale in Middle Tennessee that echo my design inspiration, culled from the MLS. (Prediction: This will be much easier to find in Nashville area home listings a year from now.)

{mls: 1900012}

2812 Torbett St

Nashville, TN 37209


I’m really feeling the all-black (or all-dark gray) approach, but deep tones don’t have to be monolithic to make an impact. At this new construction on the west side of Nashville, they’re looking to set off warm wood siding with a stately black and a softer gray, and it definitely has my attention. (My vote: Ditch the gray for a full swath of the black. You?)

{mls: 1897353}

112 Cottage Ln

Franklin, TN 37064


This cottage blocks from Historic Downtown Franklin shows off how deep charcoal tones can make a home really stand out among its neighbors — perched between beige and brown, it casts such a cool, dignified profile.  These homeowners were up for trend-forward color experimentation throughout, too; the minty green trim, doors and moulding brings inviting, extra personality.

{mls: 1903660}

4516 A Granny White Pike

Nashville, TN 37204


They did a spectacular job renovating this ‘60s split level in Green Hills, from the tile choices to the fireplace restoration (glad they kept the full wall of brick — it’s a really cool midcentury touchstone that fits right in, made crisp and white). That deep charcoal exterior, though — it’s hard to make a split-level feel sleek, but they’ve done it.

{mls: 1900509}

1528 Drakes Creek Rd

Hendersonville, TN 37075


Up in Hendersonville, this smoky gray with bluish tones brings a little extra gravitas to this newer build, and plays off the classic white picket fence in a way that amps up the curb appeal. Personally, the brick red shutters feel a little lacking — I think more of a clay orange, like my inspiration pick up top, would pop more powerfully. But that's a quick, easy adjustment, and the bulk of what's happening here is beautiful.

{mls: 1874311}

2220 A 11th Ave S

Nashville, TN 37204


Blue-black with a ton of style in consistently stylish 12 South — I’d feel spectacularly sleek in this home, though I’m sure it’d be hard to keep that feeling, what with Five Daughters Bakery and Jeni’s Ice Creams oh, two blocks away or so.

Hope this gave you a little home-style inspiration, if you’ve been thinking about repainting the exterior of your Nashville home.

If you’re planning on buying a new home in the Nashville area, two bits of advice: Don’t get hung up on paint colors, and give me a call whenever you’re ready to start looking.

Properties are listed with their own respective real estate firms, and not under agreement with TJ Anderson and/or Benchmark Realty, LLC, except where noted.

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