Nashville Dessert Shop NoBaked Cookie Dough Is Another Over The Top Sweets Spot

Dated: 06/13/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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Milkshakes with an entire slice of cheesecake as a garnish. Ice cream cones hiding in giant tufts of cotton candy and candy crunchies. I’m not afraid of an over-the-top Nashville dessert.

But I’ll admit: The confections at the NoBaked Cookie Dough Nashville scoop shop made even my formidable sweet tooth ache a little.

The thing that introduced me to this Nashville-bred dessert brand: an Instagram photo like the one above, with heaping scoops of unbaked cookie dough stuffed into a gourmet ice cream cone, and finished with all kinds of sugary toppings.

It’s not that cookie dough alone is over-the-top, but the combinations, details and presentation you see at NoBaked Cookie Dough Nashville: sugar shock, in the best possible way.

Flavors and adornments

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NoBaked’s core product — gourmet cookie dough that, as the name indicates, just needs to be scooped up and eaten, not cooked — started simple on the flavor front, with standards like chocolate chip an confetti sugar. That’s since grown, with flavors that double down on the dessert quotient, like S’mores, Cookies N Cream and Cookie Monster (a bright blue dough stuffed with chocolate chips, M&Ms and peanut butter chips, pictured above).

Double dessert not enough? They also work their dough flavors into a Half-Baked Sundae: warmed cookie dough topped with scoops of ice cream and chocolate syrup.

For a simpler option, you can order one, two or three scoops of dough, either stuffed in a cup or in a gourmet cone. The flavors on the cone front are growing too: chocolate hazelnut, french vanilla, cake batter, cinnamon brown sugar… It’d be overwhelming if it didn’t sound so overwhelmingly good.

The drink offerings don’t disappoint either. Over the winter, they were pouring flavored hot chocolate (stuff like salted caramel and toasted marshmallow). Lately, they’re slinging Iced Coffee Floats, with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a choice of caramel or chocolate syrup.

The Nashville NoBaked scoop shop

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NoBaked opened their first Nashville scoop shop at 117 28th Ave N. (just off Centennial Park) last fall, and since, they’ve expanded to Louisville, with more plans to franchise outward.

The flagship is in a perfect location, given what they’re slinging: shouting distance from Vanderbilt University and all its hungry students, a mile and change from Belmont, and all its hungry students.

As it happens, NoBaked founder Megan Beaven is a Belmont grad who initially aimed for the music industry, and ended up building a Nashville dessert business from the ground up, first as an online shop with local pop-ups, now a growing brick-and-mortar franchise.

Sold on checking NoBaked out? You can visit the scoop shop on 28th Sunday through Thursday, noon to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday, noon to 11 p.m. Lots more info at

Does just reading about this scoop shop make you feel drawn toward buying a new home with a fitness space you can use to offset your cookie-dough consumption? I’d be glad to help you find the perfect place. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes here, and let me know what you’re looking for.

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