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Dated: 02/03/2016

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by TJ Anderson

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Who among us doesn’t remember where we were the 347th time we heard that joke about Nashville’s official bird being the crane? Get it, ‘cause there’s so much building happening here!? Ahh, comedy.

But yes, there continues to be a remarkable number of new structures popping up in Nashville, on both the commercial and residential sides. And with that, there are a lot of home builders and developers working here these days, which leaves homebuyers with a workload: doing homework on the company that put up the walls they hope to live in, to feel confident about the quality and craftsmanship behind those walls.

That homework is important, and it’s part of why I’m honored to get to work with Paragon Group, a Nashville company that reaches the touchstones of quality craftsmanship and enthusiastically blows past them.

Why Paragon homes stand out 

Here are just a few of the reasons I’m proud to show buyers a Paragon home:

  • These homes are bright, bright green

If you care about energy efficiency, Paragon homes are hard to beat. I outlined Paragon Group's commitment to green building more thoroughly here, but some of the finer points worth noting: 

- Paragon homes exceed the Energy Star standard, using lots of LED or CFL lighting, lots of highly efficient (or Energy Star-rated) appliances, windows, doors, HVAC systems and more. 

- They invest in spray foam and cellulose insulation, which requires an investment that’s roughly three times as much as the average builder spends. But it makes a huge difference. 

Some numbers to back up what all that does: Home energy efficiency is rated and scored via the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index. The higher the number, the less efficient a home is. Your average existing home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, scores about 130. Your average new construction scores around 100. After an outside party tests them, Paragon homes score around 60-70. That’s a big, big difference in your energy bills, and in your day-to-day energy footprint — something you can feel really good about.

  • The pros at Paragon are their own toughest critics

Find the most meticulous home inspector you know, and he or she almost certainly won’t have a comb as fine-toothed as Paragon’s own. Their inspection process is always somewhere between 1340 and 1820 points — they don’t consider the home complete until they can check off every single point positively. Paragon isn’t shooting for you to have a short punchlist at your final inspection. They’re prepping for a blank punchlist. That’s a lofty goal, and I love that it’s their standard.

  • Paragon backs up what they say

My goal as a buyer’s agent is to find my clients a home that brings them joy the day they move in and for years and years to come. The folks at Paragon have similar hopes as builders. It’s what inspired their approach to warranty support, which is absolutely above and beyond the average. Paragon sends their staff out for three full reinspections of every home they build and sell, and you can expect them to obsess over even the tiniest thing, and fix it. In my surgeons and mechanics and home builders, I appreciate an obsession with perfection. 

So, all of this said, I’m proud to share these featured listings, which all bear Paragon quality (which comes with serious style, too).

{mls: 1687918}

1143 A Cahal Ave.

Nashville, TN 37206


 Nearly 2000 square feet in East Nashville, with 3 beds and 3 baths and a great, convenient location. Take a look at the gorgeous exposed cedar beams in the living room and master bedroom — those are the kind of details that make you fall head over heels.

{mls: 1687925}

1143 B Cahal Ave.

Nashville, TN 37206


The B side of 1143 Cahal offers just as much beauty and a little more space, with 2,125 square feet of living area.

{mls: 1689436}

1522 B Straightway Ave.

Nashville, TN 37206


Did you see that recent Redfin story putting Eastwood in second place on a list of the “Hottest Neighborhoods of 2016”? Here’s your chance to get in there with an exceptional new home — 3 beds, 2 1/2 baths and almost 2000 square feet, with beautiful built-ins around the fireplace, fantastic covered porches and an absolutely killer kitchen — under $340K. 

{mls: 1689435}

1520 B Straightway Ave.

Nashville, TN 37206


Another Eastwood beauty, also 3 beds, 2 1/2 baths and just shy of 2000 square feet. The details here are absolutely impeccable — check out the kitchen design alone, with sleek light cabinets and countertops, a huge island and a really striking backsplash that takes classic subway tile and turns it up a notch.

{mls: 1692158}

508 A Buchanan St.

Nashville, TN 37208


An absolutely huge modern home right on top of all the fine eats and shopping in Germantown: 4 beds, 3 1/2 baths and nearly 3000 square feet, with extras you don’t see in every home in that area (like a garage and rooftop deck with a spectacular view).

{mls: 1692157}

508 B Buchanan St.

Nashville, TN 37208


508 A’s twin Salemtown sister, with the same spacious floor plan, custom woodwork and high-end finishes.

{mls: 1694754}

302 Coffee St.

Nashville, TN 37208


Modern gorgeousness in Salemtown with tons of space for a growing family and/or folks who love to house a lot of visiting loved ones — 5 bedrooms!

{mls: 1694748}

1901 3rd Ave. N.

Nashville, TN 37208


Coffee Street’s similarly beautiful sister, with a mix of industrial cool (check out the awesome garage door in the living area) and high-end finishes.

If you’d like to know more about these homes or take a tour of any of them, give me a call — I love showing off a Paragon place. 

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