Outsource Your Holiday To Do List To The Ace Personal Management Company In Nashville

Dated: 11/14/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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You can probably relate: Around this time of year every year, I start to feel a little festive and a little frenzied, as the list of stuff I need to get done before the holidays grows. Parties planned. Cards scribbled and stamped. Rooms decorated, gifts purchased and wrapped and shipped or delivered.

When you run your own business — or have kids, or a demanding job, or just otherwise exist as a grown human being in always-on 2017 — adding holiday fun to an already busy schedule can make you feel as overwhelmed as overjoyed.

This year, I’m determined to make things run more smoothly, so I’m asking for help. Enter Cindy Collins, a.k.a. The Ace behind The Ace personal management company.

The Ace: not just a holiday-season helper

Collins’ business isn’t explicitly holiday season-focused, but The Ace is particularly well-suited for yuletide needs.

Among the things The Ace can do: 

  • personal shopping and gifting

  • event planning

  • travel planning

  • home management 

  • lots more

That broad mix grew out of Collins’ 16 years of varied entertainment-industry experience, ranging from production wrangling for CMT to management for artists and marketing for a major talent agency.

Through the years, she got a sense of something missing here in Nashville — namely, the busy crop of personal management professionals prevalent in other entertainment hubs — and a sense that her years of effectively spinning plates put her in a position to fill that need.

“Entertainment requires you to wear many hats in a position, that’s why titles aren’t a clear indication of everything you’ve accomplished,” she says. “You just do what needs to be done, whether that means you’re negotiating a contract one day or grabbing coffee for a meeting the next day. No day looks the same and you have to be able to think on your feet.

“Somewhere along the way I became the go-to for gifting, knowing where to get most anything in Nashville, connecting influential creatives, and taking on any event project. I love a challenge. I’ve always had a love for the part of the industry that allowed me to manage the lives or careers of others. Creating a plan to take an artist from point A to B requires a special combination of someone with both a business and creative mindset.”

Holiday Specials from The Ace

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Worth noting: You don’t need to be on the Music City Walk of Fame to be able to afford The Ace’s help. Example: For the holiday season, Collins has a mix of specials that your average Nashvillian can swing: 

— Shopping & Wrapping (up to 20 gifts): $250

— Holiday Decorating/Staging: starting at $300

— Gift wrapping/card writing (up to 20 gifts and 50 cards): $150

(Check out the full list of The Ace’s Holiday Specials here.)

The breadth of services and price points was purposeful.

“There are many people out there who don’t have enough work to hire help full time, year-round, but I still want them to feel they have an ace up their sleeve (pun intended) when they need someone who feels like an extension of themselves,” Collins says.

Putting the 'personal' in personal management

That “extension of themselves” feeling is particularly important to Collins when it comes to gifting. If you hire her to seek out the perfect presents, she’s assuredly not throwing darts at SkyMall.

“It’s a delicate balance between making sure a gift is thoughtful while also choosing something they wouldn’t question the gifter was a part of,” Collins says.

“In my personal life, my best gifts come from moments when the recipient didn’t realize I was paying enough attention to file it away. … When consulting a client, I’ll try to personalize the thought process by having them recall moments the recipient was complaining or raving on a particular subject. … One client recalled her husband’s face of pure joy when he shared a memory about his father taking him to a Cubs game as a child, and how it began his love for baseball. Since this was a conversation between the two of them, the wife was represented when she (we) gifted a weekend trip to Chicago and two tickets to a Cubs game for him and his father.”

That approach speaks to Collins’ unique gift for both creative thinking and meticulous detail.

“My mind looks like a web browser with about 30 open tabs at a time,” she says. “Sometimes I have to research for inspiration on the creative side or find the most efficient way to do something on the business side; other times certain actions or decisions come as natural as breathing.

“The one thing that sets The Ace apart is it took years to create the combination of natural ability and learned know-how, not to mention my vast network of connections. It couldn’t have happened at any other time than now.”

Check out the full range of The Ace’s personal management services at theacemanager.com, and join The Ace on Facebook and Instagram to stay up with the latest happenings.

If you do end up calling Collins to help de-humbug your holiday, tell her TJ sent you. And if you need to find a new place in Nashville to host your Christmas celebrations, I’m always here to help — just reach out.

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