Ridiculous Pool Accessories For A Ridiculously Hot Nashville Summer

Dated: 07/27/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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It’s been so brutally hot the past few weeks, it’s hard to think about doing much of anything — I really love high ceilings until we get stretches like this, when even a finely tuned HVAC system can’t quite keep up.

Raise your hand if you can relate: All I want to do right now is find a cool body of water somewhere in Nashville, and float until the sun goes down.

Sadly, it’s just a daydream, since most of us have, you know, stuff to do. But around here, we’re preparing on the floating front anyway, and shopping for the proper tools. And by proper, we’re mostly shooting for ridiculous. No need to be boring while you’re buoyant, right? Below, a few favorite finds:

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Margaritaville Cheeseburger in Paradise

Was Jimmy Buffett’s place not gonna have pool floats? Was he not gonna have an inflatable cheeseburger (in paradise)? We haven’t checked to see if they sell these at the Nashville Margaritaville (322 Broadway), but you can easily snag yours online.

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East Nashville shop Harlan Ruby stocks a lot of fun stuff, like party supplies and greeting cards. They always seem to have inflatable unicorns on hand too, which you have to appreciate. We should be appropriately majestic while we’re floating around in the lake. (Shop's at 805 Woodland Street, Suite 301.) 

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Tiki bar

Good old Family Leisure always delivers with the over-the-top pool supplies. Like this full-on inflatable Tiki bar, with built-in ice storage bins and drink holders. At first, it seems like a little too much, but when you consider the fact that no one has to get out of the water to refill, it feels more like just enough. The Nashville-area location’s at 621 Muci Drive in Antioch, or you can grab it online.

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Personal Pizza Island

The uber-popular pizza-slice float felt a little old… but the personal-pan-pizza-float-for-two brought me back on board. It’s huge, at 72” by 60”, and key detail: “pizza crust adds comfort for lounging.” These are available through Leslie’s , and there are a bunch of Nashville-area locations, including Belle Meade and Franklin.

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Much prefer the landing that comes with falling off this particular (non)mechanical bull. It’s available at Academy online (or there are locations throughout Middle Tennessee, including Madison and Mt. Juliet).

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Acoustic guitar

You’ll fall into a hole looking for fun pool stuff on Amazon, with options randing from inflatable bacon and eggs to a giant cockroach. It’s overwhelming. But since we’re in Nashville, and ridiculous is the aim, this goofy guitar had to be on the list. At 9 feet long, it claims to hold four adults — so your whole band, potentially.

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Mermaid shell

Urban Outfitters stocks a lot of ridiculous floats, but this is a favorite, since you can hide inside of it like a precious jewel, and it also comes with its own inflatable pearl. Bonus: As of this posting, it was on sale for 25 percent off. (The Nashville Urban Outfitters is in The Gulch, but no guarantees they’ll have it.)

What are you buying to help you play the fool in your pool? I’d love to see some other options. Share your picks on the TJ Anderson Homes Facebook page.

Before you start shopping for floats, are you looking for a Nashville-area home with a pool, or near a lake or river? I’d love to help you find it. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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