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Dated: 09/27/2016

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by TJ Anderson

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Throughout the year, I try to keep my eyes open for opportunities to find interesting/unique home goods made right here in Nashville.

I like to support local businesses, myself, but beyond that, part of Nashville’s cultural fabric is an appreciation for/support of all that’s local — from Nashville beer and Nashville burgers to Nashville art and Nashville-made furniture.

When clients/friends who are new to Nashville ask me for recommendations on where to buy things to make their house a home, I like to be able to offer a mix of suggestions — local shops, local makers, and local events that spotlight local art and artisans. 

On that note: On Saturday, Oct. 15, Centennial Park will host the Centennial Craft Fest, a celebration of local talent, local food and local music in one of Nashville’s most beautiful parks.

The event runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Musicians Corner/Cockrill Spring sections of the park (West End and 27th Avenue), and if you’re in the market for locally made stuff, you can get some good shopping done there, while you’re getting in a fun afternoon in the fall weather.

I took a look through the Centennial Craft Fest vendors list, and here’s a snapshot of some of the artisans who’ll have Nashville-made home goods to share:

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Black Sheep Goods

Personally, I think wall decor is one of the hardest things to make decisions on when you’re pulling a home together. Something that embodies your style, suits the aesthetic of the space, fits in terms of texture and size and color — it’s a challenge. Lately it feels like a lot of clients/friends really like tapestries, in part because of the added sense of warmth and texture and the fact that even a relatively small one seems to warm up a good bit of wall real estate.

A lot of the designs I come across can feel a little too feminine for my taste, but Nashville’s Black Sheep Goods seems to manage a good balance. She’ll have tapestry weaving kits at the Craft Fest too, so if you don’t see something pre-made that you love, you can tailor-make a tapestry that nails your style.

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Press & Hume

Nail polish is a big part of Press & Hume’s business, but new homeowners/forever home-design aficionados will probably be eyeballing her woven wall hangings at the Craft Fest. Artist Malina Halman keeps the P&H Instagram updated with her latest projects, so you can get a good sense of her style there.

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Crafts Off 18th Ave

Belmont-Hillsboro residents know these folks for their annual holiday sale, Christmas on 18th Avenue, which includes the work of dozens of local artisans being sold in two historic neighborhood homes. There won’t be a Christmas sale this year, so if you were hoping to get some shopping in there, you might want to hit the Craft Fest instead — the folks behind 18th Ave will be there with a bunch of regular vendors’ work, including home goods, handmade ceramics from Nashville’s Pinch Pot Love (above) and more.

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4 The Love of Music

I love my city, and I don’t mind wearing my Nashville pride on my walls. If you’re OK with a little 615 celebration in your space, too, Nashville’s 4theloveofmusic has a bunch of art pieces, inspired both by the Nashville skyline and the music of Music City.

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Nashville Noted 

If you’re thinking about creating a serious gallery wall devoted to Nashville, check out Nashville Noted Photography’s line of plywood prints. Shots of iconic local landmarks and visually arresting spots around town — from historic Union Station downtown to the massive Johnny Cash mural — are captured on 30"x10" or 10”x30" plywood, so you can mix/arrange/stack for a big, bold statement.

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Wink Wink Paper Co.

You can get even more Nashville-specific with Nashville paper goods/art brand Wink Wink Paper Co. — artist Holley Maher calls Historic Germantown home, and she gives a little visual hug to her neighborhood with the print above. If the idea of cheerleading your hometown with art gives you hives, she also has some really visually arresting abstract prints. 

Are you still looking for the perfect new home to outfit with perfect new stuff? Let me know if I can help you with your house hunt!

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