Some Of The Most Unique Homes On The Market In Nashville Right Now

Dated: 05/01/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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With few exceptions, I spend all day, every day looking at homes for sale in and near Nashville, both for buyers looking for a new home, and for inspiration as we work on new builds/renovation projects.

You’d think I’d get Nashville real estate fatigue, but lucky for me, I always find a few listings that surprise me — older homes with unusual period details, new construction with eye-grabbing architecture, rehabbed properties that play up fun idiosyncrasies.

There’s a particular kind of buyer that really wants these homes — the ones that just don’t look like anything else on the market right now.

Sound like your aesthetic? This roundup might catch your interest. While I was scouring the MLS, I marked down a crop of properties that stood out as thoroughly unique. When the right buyer sees these homes, it’ll be one of those unmistakable perfect-match love stories, for sure. Take a look:

{mls: 1822647}

7751 Indian Springs Drive

Nashville, TN 37221


The ‘80s get a bad rep when it comes to home-design stuff, some of which is fair. But every now and then something cool like this Bellevue home in Dunaway Woods came around. It’s an unusual mix of home-y and cabin-y warmth and sleek contemporary design, with lots of windows that let you take advantage of the leafy one-acre property.

{mls: 1821986}

309 South 10Th St

Nashville, TN 37206


You’ll find a fair share of cozy mid-century ranch homes in East Nashville, but few renovated with the boldness that went into this one. By and large it pays homage to the era, with modern lines. But from the cabinetry to the tiles, they weren’t aiming for neutral — if you like mixed patterns and contemporary finishes, take a look. (I’d guess this’ll go fast.)

{mls: 1822954}

9095 Highway 100

Nashville, TN 37221


This 1978 contemporary close to the Loveless gives you the chance to own a lot of property — more than 2.6 acres — and a really cool lofted-ceiling great room, replete with a cozy wood-burning stove.

{mls: 1812849}

601 Clematis Dr

Nashville, TN 37205


The contemporary upgrades to this 1964 West Meade home are magazine-spread stylish, from the front door to the fencing. If your tastes lean toward mid-century-modern architecture with totally modern finishes, this one’s yours.

{mls: 1822021}

700 Prescott Court

Nashville, TN 37204


This historic home in Oak Hill traces back to 1875 — it’s been updated, but it still gives up some of its stories (like its four original fireplaces). In particular, if you’re a sucker for historic woodwork…

{mls: 1821698}

2616 Wayland Ct

Nashville, TN 37215


When you’re on a breathtaking piece of wooded Forest Hills property like this, having architecture designed to accentuate it is a big win. Between the deck and the masses of windows in this 1957 contemporary home, you’re one with nature.

{mls: 1819991}

5852 Beauregard Dr

Nashville, TN 37215


Three words that tell you you’re seeing a unique and wonderful design in a Nashville property: "Robert Anderson home." This one, built in 1971, is on almost two acres in Tyne Valley Estates, and has that distinctive angular beauty, plus one of the cooler fireplaces I’ve come across in a while.

{mls: 1821277}

2622 Wayland Ct

Nashville, TN 37215


The contemporary architecture in this 1960 home in Green Hills/Forest Hills is the start of its uniqueness, but the homeowners’ design touches are a plus too — bold (and smart) wallpaper mixed with lots of bright white and contrasting black, a high-end range in the kitchen… the pool’s going to be extra special this summer, too.

{mls: 1744653}

906 Travelers Ct

Nashville, TN 37220


The views outside the many windows of this large contemporary home: Gatlinburg-esque. And it sits so beautifully into the landscape, despite being sleek and angular. Nature buffs with contemporary tastes, don’t miss a click-through here.

{mls: 1805795}

933 Forest Acres Ct

Nashville, TN 37220


There’s apparently a “thick history of music royalty” in the list of past owners of this large, contemporary Forest Acres property. Which makes sense — it’s really private, really stylish, really artful. The outdoor entertaining areas stand out, but there’s no shortage of cool details inside, including beautiful beams and hardwoods and cool concrete floors.

{mls: 1817287}

4300 Lillywood Rd

Nashville, TN 37205


Coincidence that so many of these picks lean contemporary, but then that style of design does tend to push boundaries. This large home, tucked in the Belle Meade trees, was built in 1958, and it's fully renovated with clean, modern style. It’s bright, beautiful and of the moment, without losing its classic edge. Every room is stunning, but the master bath is particularly tough to resist.

Hope you enjoyed looking through these unique Nashville home listings. Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? I’d love to help you find it. Give TJ Anderson Homes a call.

Properties are listed with their own respective real estate firms, and not under agreement with TJ Anderson and/or Benchmark Realty, LLC.

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