Take A Chance On A Dark Exterior Paint Color In Nashville

Dated: 07/04/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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If you drive around looking at Nashville homes, you’ll notice a consistent look in most neighborhoods: outside of pops of red brick and a little stone, there’s lots and lots of light white and gray exterior paint.

That’s not a complaint. I love light exterior color palettes as much as anyone, and I couldn’t have been more proud last year to list our white new-construction farmhouse in Woodbine.

But lately I’ve also been feeling a draw toward being a little more bold, and a little more dramatic with exterior color palettes. I flexed that inspiration some with the home next door to the Woodbine farmhouse: a gorgeous foursquare (pictured up top), with an exterior in dark Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. We were thoroughly thrilled with how it came out — dynamic, dramatic, still totally classic.

There’s a lot of power in this not-as-common exterior color choice — some say dark exterior paint makes a home seem smaller, but to me, darker colors tend to lend a feeling of strength and depth, and mixed into a sea of light and white homes, a little bit of excitement, too.

A tentative trend?

I don’t expect deep and intense exterior paint color to become a trend that sweeps Nashville in the coming months, necessarily. But I do see Nashville homeowners who want a place that stands out playing with it more. And if paint companies’ predictions are right, there’s some kind of dark wave on the horizon, at least.

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Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year for 2017 was deep, luxurious Shadow, and Kelly-Moore’s 2017 Color of the Year was intense gray Kettleman.

“We see an evolution of an assortment of colored dark shades inspired by nature,” the latter company’s Manager of Color Marketing said.

Exploring darker exterior colors in Nashville

Below, from the Middle Tennessee MLS, a few homes on the market now that take cues from that emerging trend, and lean toward the dark side.

{mls: 1835891}

1208 Katie Street

Nashville, TN 37207


The mix of natural wood and deep slate gray on this Katie Hill home is super stylish, especially with that pop of bright green on the door.

{mls: 1839507}

1056 B Zophi St

Nashville, TN 37216


In East Nashville, an inky indigo blue set off by stark white trim.

{mls: 1841901}

634 A Vernon Ave

Nashville, TN 37209


Love how this townhouse’s palette works with serious contrast — a bright white on the bottom, and deep, deep gray/black up top.

{mls: 1831888}

3917 Sussex Dr

Nashville, TN 37207


A little more playful step on the dark side in Bellshire Estates, with midcentury brick painted a kind of Prussian blue, alongside a canary-yellow door.

{mls: 1834958}

2150 A Oakland St

Nashville, TN 37210


Another mix of deep blue and bright white trim, this time in Woodbine.

{mls: 1834553}

1408 A Harwood Dr

Nashville, TN 37206


The color choice on this new construction in Rosebank reminds me of our foursquare — I’m not sure if it’s Iron Ore, but it’s a similarly powerful grade of blue/gray.

{mls: 1834742}

919 S 12th Street

Nashville, TN 37206


More natural wood contrasting with slate gray, on a large new-construction home in Shelby Hills.

{mls: 1834692}

713 A S 11th Street

Nashville, TN 37206


Stacked white porches in East Nashville, set off by that deep blue/gray.

Inspired by dark tones? Or prefer something lighter and brighter? Whatever your preference, if you’re looking to buy a new home in the Nashville area, I’d love to help you find the perfect place. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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