The 2018 Home Decor Trend Of Bold Patterned Couches And Seating

Dated: 02/16/2018

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by TJ Anderson

I’ve made pretty plain my enduring love of bold-patterned painted concrete/encaustic tile, and if you look around home design blogs and magazines, it’s clear how much that decor choice is trending.

In 2018 overall, it feels like bringing more personality into a space, be it through tiles, wallpaper or paint, is coming to the foreground, making a clear break from the stark minimalism that’s been so omnipresent the past few years.

One outgrowth of that home design trend — and one that I’m seeing pick up steam here in Nashville: bold-patterned seating, too. And I’m not talking stripes and florals — it’s a lot of artful, unusual, often abstract prints that might’ve in the past only been relegated to wall art and accents.

For almost as long as I can remember, homeowners have been sticking to solid colors when it comes to couches and chairs, and toward more laid-back, tweedy materials. Not right now: loud and bright velvet is back in a big way, and homeowners aren’t feeling afraid to buy couches that are serious home-decor exclamation points, with busy designs and big color.

Go shopping for furniture in Nashville, and you’ll quickly see what I mean — all the fashion-forward major home retailers are jumping in.

Curious to see a few examples of how this approach plays out? Below, a few bold seating pieces that caught my eye recently (all of which can be purchased online or in Nashville locations).

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Pied-A-Terre Sofa from Anthropologie 

Anthropologie (which has a Nashville location in Green Hills) tends to stay at the front of decor trends, and this one’s no different. Along with lots of bright and soft velvet pieces, they’re offering unforgettable patterned seating like this Pied-A-Terre Sofa, which mixes a solid jewel tone with a tapestry back that’s a work of art you can nap on. (If you’re intrigued but would prefer something a little more subtle, check out Anthro’s Budding Lyre Chesterfield Sofa — the bold print comes in like a cool sneak attack.)

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Metal Frame Sofa from West Elm 

Like the texture but prefer something less loud? West Elm brought a Robert Rauschenberg print into sofa form with this piece, and in a more modern space, I think it’d bring such dimension and life.

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Artek 710 Daybed at Wilder 

Most of the furniture pieces they stock at Germantown shop Wilder are more on the sleek and simple side, but this piece from longstanding Finnish company Artek stands out in more ways than one. The print is big but not busy, eye-grabbing but not overwhelming, and the lines of the daybed itself would fit in a more midcentury-styled space.

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Swaying Palm Carlye Upholstered Chair from World Market

Palm-leaf prints have been a top pick for wallpaper in style-forward homes and shops for years now, and I’ve been on board — it’s a fun, lively pattern and a great pop of green. Not everyone’s on the wallpaper train, though — even if you use removable wallpaper, there’s a decent amount of effort and expense involved. This Swaying Palm chair from World Market is a cool way to get that palm vibe by just placing an occasional chair in your living space.

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Lydia Camelback Settee from One Kings Lane

This piece feels really Nashville to me, and not in that kinda corny way — hanging something guitar-shaped on the wall, and so forth. The Deco pattern smacks of artful sound waves, and it feels classic and fresh and new at the same time. I think it’d be perfect in a songwriting/creative room in a Nashville home.

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Annelise Sofa from One Kings Lane

One more from One Kings Lane — I know a lot of people who love Ikat patterns, and between that beautiful fabric and the sofa’s Scandinavian lines, this one’s easy to fall for.

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Ometepe Handwoven Masaya Arm Chair 

Boldness isn’t just for fabric: Nashville’s Masaya Company gets loud and fun with their woven seating, like this Rosita Walnut chair — handmade with midcentury style, the bright-colored pattern woven with fine manila cotton. I may be biased since they’re local, but I think Masaya is one of those furniture companies people will be talking about decades from now, and admiring heirloom pieces still going strong in homes in and out of Nashville.

Seen or bought any bold-patterned seating recently that you’re obsessed with? I’d love to see — comment below, or drop a note on the TJ Anderson Homes Facebook page.

If you’re not quite looking for furniture yet, but are looking for a new home in the Nashville area, I’d love to help you find the perfect place. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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