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Dated: 05/29/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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I’m pretty obsessed with every inch of our new Nashville home listing at 3429 Love Circle, but one of the design touches that grabbed me most: the playful and peaceful wallpaper in the master bedroom, pictured above.

Wallpaper has been back on the rise for a while now, but I think this year and next, it’s poised to get back to where it was in years past, where it wasn’t just a cutting-edge home-design decision, but an everyday one.

That said, I’m not predicting a return to a wallpaper-everywhere approach. Homeowners and designers are being really pointed with their wallpaper applications these days, and I think that’s why it works — it’s being used for interest and art, not an overwhelming, all-over attack like it once was.

Intrigued by the idea of bringing some pops of wallpaper into your Nashville home? Here are some of the style-forward wallpaper approaches that are at the home-decor fore in 2017, based on what I’ve been seeing in high-end Nashville homes, and what some of my favorite style publications have been saying.

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The master bedroom at 3429 Love Circle is an example of one of the most prominent 2017 wallpaper trends: prints inspired by nature, or materials pulled from nature. Think designs based on florals, petals, leaves and trees, or wallpaper made with materials like grasscloth, cork and bamboo that offer a different approach to natural vibes.

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Those natural materials slot into another big wallpaper trend: designs that fall far from flat, literally, with big texture that gives walls a visual and tactile pop. Beyond cork/bamboo etc., we’re talking embossed wallpaper, with designs that pop off the walls, and embellished wallpaper with things like beading and flocking. (I don’t totally love the above beaded/embellished print, honestly, but it’s called “Moron,” and the idea of ordering “12 rolls of Moron” was too hilarious for me to not include it.)

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Another approach that’s made a comeback. The good things about metallics today: a wide variety of color options, from golds and silvers to shimmery blacks; and the chance to go a little darker and bolder with color, but bring a little brightness and shine at the same time.

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Large scale/Murals

Instead of simple patterned prints on a statement wall, a lot of designers and homeowners are leaning toward bigger statements, with designs that either have a pattern in a really large scale, or serve as a wallpaper strip-built mural. This is a big and bold trend, and it won’t appeal to everyone. But the great thing about using wallpaper to make a super-bold design move: You can buy the removable kind, and shift to something more subtle before you sell your home.

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On the total other pole from patterned prints and large-scale murals, we’re seeing lots of unfettered abstracts — especially in modern homes. It’s a really cool counterpoint to furniture with clean and modern lines.

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I’m sure this is no surprise to you if you’ve spent five seconds on Pinterest or Instagram — palm and banana leaf wallpaper patterns are everywhere. It’s a throwback to a long-admired design at The Beverly Hills Hotel, and the resurgence started a handful of years ago. That it's still hanging on probably has a lot to do with how this kind of print can bring a little fun and glamor into a space. My bet, though: Cool as the look is, as a trend, it’s probably toward the end of its current run.

Drawn toward any of these wallpaper styles? Prefer to stick with paint? I’d love your feedback.

If you’re looking for a new home in Nashville to put your own design stamp on, I’d love to help. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes, and tell me about your wish list. If you'd like to learn more about 3429 Love Circle, head here.

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