Uniquely Nashville Halloween Costumes For 2017

Dated: 09/18/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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It’s just about that time again: For the past few years, ahead of Halloween, I’ve collected a few ideas that I thought would make distinctly, uniquely and (hopefully) hilariously Nashville Halloween costumes.

In the past, that’s included anyone from real famous local animal Doug the Pug to beloved fake famous local animal Ozzie the Sounds mascot, and even a few humans.

This year, I’m again looking at things that were local, impactful, and relatively easy to capture in a Halloween costume. Hope you enjoy.

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Preds Catfish

The Nashville Predators Stanley Cup run probably brought this city together more than anything since the flood — and I think we can all agree this was a much more welcome reason. Any number of Halloween getups could pay homage to the 2017 Preds, but the catfish was clearly among the season’s real heroes. This bottom-feeder mask and a Preds hat, and you’re off to the party.

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The 2017 Solar Eclipse

No, it wasn’t an only-in-Nashville celestial happening, but we were the biggest city in the path of the totality, and a zeal for celebrating it kinda took over the city. Someone who’s crafty might be able to pull together a hilarious Authentic Eclipse Glasses costume, but I’d say if you need to make it easy, go as a sun/moon duo, and if you’re the moon half, just keep getting in your partner’s way. Pictured: Sunny Days costume from HalloweenCostumes.com and 3D Moon Costume from Costumeish.com.

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Undead Taylor Swift

Oh Taylor, look what you made me do! The now-infamous "I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now" line probably got more Internet play, lovingly and hatingly, than any lyric over the past year. And even if Taylor isn’t quite as Nashville as she used to be, she’s still a star we’ll probably always claim. There are so many looks in that video to choose from, but for ease, I’d probably go with the REP sweatshirts she conveniently sells, a blonde wig and some good old-fashioned zombie makeup.   

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Nashville Bachelorette

The 2011 cicada invasion was nothing — the degree to which Nashville has been besieged by bachelorette parties in 2017 is nothing short of Biblical. Love or hate the boisterous celebrations, they’re now a part of your every day — and that’s literal — if you spend any time downtown. So, might as well embrace it for Halloween. Hate spending money on costumes and/or getting dressed up? This bachelorette sash is less than a buck. And if you feel underdressed, maybe throw on a veil and top it with a straw cowboy hat.

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Long Live Snowbird

We all love WSMV’s Snowbird, and longtime performer Steven Good brought the weather-hailing mascot to life for decades. So when news broke that Good’s position had been eliminated, Nashville was seriously and rightly unhappy. Show your Snowbird-forever love with a penguin costume, red and white striped scarf, and yellow earmuffs. The bird cannot be silenced. 

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Zombie Rayna James

Too soon?

Any particularly Nashville costume ideas of your own to share? Hit me on the TJ Anderson Homes Facebook page, I’d love to see.

Not looking for costume expertise, but in need of Nashville real estate knowledge? I’m happy to help. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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