Why Nashville Is A Top City For Young Homebuyers

Dated: 03/28/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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Working day in, day out with people looking to buy a home in Nashville, I get a good sense of the human side of the housing market here. For lot of homebuyers coming to Nashville from larger cities — especially New York and Los Angeles — Nashville offers possibility they hadn’t felt before: the chance to get a professional foothold, live among a creative culture, and still own a home without a six-figure down payment in hand.

That’s the circumstantial evidence I get on the ground, even as Nashville’s growing, and getting more expensive. But there’s data backing up the sense I have, too — finance-focused website Growella created an algorithm, pulling from public resources, that calculates what cities offer the best setup for young adults, establishing their lives.

At No. 3 on their list of the Top 100 Cities for millennials: Nashville, Tenn., with a grade of “A” on their ideal-place-to-live report card, just behind Pittsburgh and Durham, N.C.

How and why Nashville ranks so high for young adults

I was intrigued by Growella’s rundown because they developed their conclusions entirely through data and statistics, focused on real, basic concerns for people trying to get their post-school lives under way — things like the number of entry-level jobs available, how far your dollar goes on everything from food to housing, how many other young people call the city home.

The calculations used a few things that could be considered subjective, like culture, but they arrived on their findings in a scientific way: comparing the number of restaurants, bars, food trucks and the like in a city to its population of 20- and 30-somethings, to get a sort of per-capita picture of a city’s social life.

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If you live in or know Nashville, it’s not terribly surprising that we’d rank high on a list of welcoming places for young folks. Nashville has an unemployment rate (2.8) that’s way under the national average (4.1), a median household income ($61,577) that’s above the national number ($59,055), and still, a median single-family home price ($289,093) that’s not too far from the national figure ($206,300). Plus, as far as culture goes, we do pretty OK, I’d say, both subjectively and statistically speaking. (Years into our “It City” thing, national and international publications still keep listing us as a top place to come.)

Still, it’s cool to see Nashville outranking other great cities with lots to offer wandering millennials, like Charlotte and Austin.

Read the full “Where Should I Move? – A Guide For Millennials” at Growella.com, if you’d like to get a deeper sense of what they found and why they found it.

Settle down in Nashville

Is planting roots in Nashville on your 2018 to-do list?

Start exploring by checking out Nashville homes for sale on the MLS, including single-family homes and condos. (You can tweak the search to focus in on your budget and needs.)

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