Why We Love Loft Living In Nashville

Dated: 11/04/2015

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by TJ Anderson

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New on the market this week: 1400 8th Ave N., in Germantown — a gorgeous 1-bed, 1-bath loft at Werthan Mills, filled with industrial cool and located in a fantastically vibrant location.

This space is a picture-perfect encapsulation of everything that’s awesome about loft living — loft living in Nashville, particularly. 

Here, a few things that make loft life lovable, and why this particular space could be a Nashville loft lover’s dream home:

1400 8th Ave N.: 

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Location, location, location

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If what you want is a vibrant lifestyle right in the middle of urban excitement, loft spaces usually deliver. Werthan Mills definitely does — it’s right in the heart of Germantown and a quick walk from all the great things to do and eat there: the Nashville Sounds’ brand-new First Tennessee Park, multiple restaurants led by James Beard Award-nominated chefs (including City House, 5th & Taylor and Rolf & Daughters) and the Nashville Farmers Market, just for starters.

Cool historic character

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Loft spaces tend to be built in reimagined, historic structures — industrial settings in particular. And that brings along a ton of charm. Werthan Mills, built in 1872, was a burlap bag mill long before it was home to stylish lofts. And now that the mill buildings are home to stylish lofts, you still see history at every turn, in rugged exposed brick, in massive arched doorways, original wood floors that bear the wear of age in a stupendously cool way. When you’re drawn toward historic aesthetics but don’t necessarily have the time to rehab (or keep up) a historic single-family home, loft spaces can be an absolutely perfect fit.

Wide open, airy feeling

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“Open concept” has nothing on the openness that’s inherent in loft design. By virtue of being carved into what was once commercial space, at Werthan Mills, you’re getting impossibly high ceilings (up to 20 feet in some spaces) and 7- to 10-foot, sunlight-drenched windows to complement the open design that goes into the spaces.

Lots of fun amenities

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Living in a single-family home can be great, but if you want a massive pool, fully outfitted gym, a roof deck and other amenities of that ilk, your price point is going to be fairly steep. In a loft, you can have amenities galore at your doorstep even if you're not working with a million dollar budget. Werthan Mills, specifically, offers two pools, bocce ball courts, a fitness center, covered parking garage and more. The benefits of living there extend well beyond your front door, for sure. 

Built-in community

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If you’re drawn to being a part of a close-knit community — living among friends, in a sense — it’s hard to beat loft life. Werthan Mills, specifically, has 304 units over a massive 330,000 square feet, and by moving in, you’re organically mixed into a community full of folks who like the things that you like — i.e., the things that make loft living unique and awesome.

Does this all add up to what you want your home life to look like? Click here for more information about (and more photos of) 1400 8th Ave N., and feel free to call or email us if you have any questions, or would like to take a look!

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